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EKOBO has reduced the number of intermediaries (factories, local agent, exporter…) by trading directly with bamboo villages and small workshops. As a result, artisans receive higher wages, communication and quality control are simplified, relationships and collaboration are strengthened, production planning is more efficient, and high quality standards are maintained.
EKOBO funds 50% at the onset of production and distributes a balanced workload to qualified artisans year round. Our goal is to maintain lasting relationships and a consistent production schedule throughout the year ; this approach enable to generate a revenue that is higher then the market average. These artisans, who are not our employees, are able to organize their work and accept orders from other customers if they so choose.
EKOBO shares its expertise and innovative design with artisans to add more value to their skills in today’s marketplace. In exchange, artisans realise our designs through their exceptional bamboo and lacquer know-how. This partnership not only preserves the family unit and their ancient bamboo craft tradition, it also limits the artisans’ need to leave their villages in search of work in larger cities.
EKOBO helps finance artisans who wish to build their own workshops, empowering them to acquire skills in management and quality control. Our local team also increases awareness and offers support to improve working conditions without altering cultural habits or social systems. These independent workshops have made significant progress in areas such as banning child labor, waste separation, recycling, packing materials, quality of light and air.